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Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep Your balance, You must keep moving.

-Albert Einstein

Platforms of Networking

Team of Smart Nest has designed Networking Platforms which enable communication, the launch of dialogues, the exchange of experiences, and the sharing of data and media. The Smart Nest team has created an expanding KID_Preneurship Project network that connects school and corporate representatives and may be utilized to contact these target groups.

Ideas & Projects 


Smart Nest is constantly growing its network. We always have at least one collaboration project concept in mind, which we develop, and we invite You to join our network.

Smart Nest is intended for mutual cooperation; we create our own ideas, but we are glad to join Your project ideas and provide value with our core expertise:

  • Development of interactive e-learning modules as innovative outputs,

  • Entrepreneurial topics ranging from mindset to business coaching in real life;

Want to collaborate in the Erasmus+ or Norplus programs but don't know how to submit a project proposal? That's no problem; Smart Nest can assist you and will not charge you a single penny!

Intrigued? Send us a note and we'll discuss more about it!

Thanks for submitting!

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