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SMART NEST is creating Interactive E-learning Modules using cutting-edge authoring tools. Interactive E-learning entails a lot of visual materials, such as photos, short videos, or various quizzes. All materials have the potential to include interactive solutions.

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Buttons that can be placed in specific locations on images or videos and, when pressed, reveal additional information. It's a great way to draw attention to important details.

Not all of the information is visible at first; it is revealed by pressing specially designed buttons.


Video can stop at pre-defined time and reveal additional information, for example, to emphasize some important details or explain activities or movements (e.g. in Sport) done in the video.


A great deal of learning can be accomplished through various exercises where students should not only complete "classic multiple choice tests," but also various interactive tasks such as drag and drops (putting the right order, dividing into categories); hotspots (finding the "right place" in the image and clicking on it); and putting the figures with words in the correct places in the image (e.g., in learning languages).

Quizzes can even be added to interactive videos where students should watch the video while taking the quiz.


These kinds of resources can be placed on any publicly available website as informal education resources (adult self-education, examinations and quizzes for knowledge evaluation). These interactive e-learning resources may also be made mobile device responsive, so if the project's target audience frequently utilizes mobile devices, materials can be made for them.

Interactive e-learning course modules that have been developed can also be used in formal education since they support the SCORM protocol, can only be used with permission if they are published on a learning management system (LMS), and can give teachers all the data they need to evaluate students.

Please contact us for further details and a demonstration of the potential capabilities!

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