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Interactive E-Learning Solutions in Sport Education

SMART NEST can create Interactive E-learning Modules using contemporary authoring tools, which may be used as outstanding off-court or theoretical teaching material. Trainees can use it at home to practice various moves or play-outs in team sports. The following examples demonstrate how to study player roles in team sports and how to utilize drag and drop technologies to learn through knowledge quizzes (templates of exercises where user should put players in the right positions). These resources are also appropriate for parents, so that parents may better comprehend what their children are learning and help them understand the fundamentals so that they arrive at the training more prepared. 

Interactive Video in Sport Education

In the example, You can see how an Interactive video technology may be utilized to teach sports tactics. The interactive film may be paused at any time and an extra "layer" of information (targeted) can be added to explain the significance of a movement, position, or grip.


This additional information can take the shape of text, a picture with or without hotspots, or even a video (so You will have a video included in the video).

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