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Integration of Migrants in the Labour Market

The implementation of this project will lead to improved integration and opportunities for migrants entering the labor market.


By enhancing their communication skills and service delivery, migrants will be better equipped to cater to the needs of service users, especially considering the heightened vulnerability experienced during the pandemic.


The project's focus on adult education centers will result in upgraded courses and capacity building for trainers, ensuring a higher quality of education for migrant learners.


Additionally, the provision of an IT course as a foundational tool will enable migrants to pursue further training and skill development, enhancing their prospects for long-term success in the labor market.

The project is coordinated by Future Focus (Malta), in collaboration with the Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus), Smart Nest (Latvia) and Innetica (Spain). 

The Needs Analysis Report


This document outlines the results of the survey responses collected by adult educators, employers and migrants in all partner countries of the IMLAM project, namely, Malta, Latvia, Spain and Cyprus. CSI was the responsible organization to set-up the surveys and compile a needs atributed the surveys to their local and national networks of stakeholders, including adult education centers, associations of trainers/educators, networks of employers and migrant communities in their countries.


Based on the results of this needs analysis report, a training course will be developed to enhance migrants’ digital readiness and IT skills in order to support and empower their integration in the labor market of the host country. In the first section below is an overview analysis of the results in regards to the responses collected by adult educators. The second section analyses the results of the responses collected by employers, and the third section analyses the responses collected by migrants.


Throughout the course of the project, a series of podcasts were developed in the native languages of Latvia, Malta, Cyprus, and Spain. These podcasts delved into various topics closely tied to the project's objectives, encompassing themes like "Technology for Language Learning: Enhancing Communication Skills," "Digital Literacy in the Workplace: A Vital Skill for Migrants," "Online Safety and Privacy: A Must-Know for Migrant Learners," "Digital Inclusion and Social Integration: The Migrant Experience," and several others.

Podcasts offer a valuable resource for migrants by providing content in their native languages, aiding in language acquisition and comprehension. These podcasts address critical topics like digital literacy and online safety, empowering migrants with essential skills for success in their new environments. They foster a sense of community and cultural connection, mitigating feelings of isolation and facilitating social integration. 


Throughout the project in each partner country, a series of workshops were conducted to educate adult educators on eight crucial topics:

Module 1: MS Office Essentials: They learned essential skills in using the MS Office suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, through practical tests and exercises.

Module 2: Canva Essentials: They gained knowledge and skills in graphic design using the Canva platform, with assessments focused on graphic design projects and creativity.

Module 3: Social Media Management: Participants acquired skills in effectively managing and promoting their social media presence, with evaluation tools such as social media campaign plans and impact analyses.

Module 4: Data Management and Analysis: They learned data collection, management, and analysis, assessed through data analysis, reports, and presentations.

Module 5: Web Development Fundamentals: Participants grasped the fundamentals of web development, including HTML and CSS, through web development projects and knowledge tests.

Module 6: CV and Cover Letter Development: They developed skills in crafting effective CVs and cover letters, with assessments based on the quality of the documents created.

Module 7: File Management & Cloud Sharing: Learners acquired efficient file management and cloud sharing skills through practical exercises.

Module 8: Communication and Language Barriers: They improved their communication skills and learned strategies for overcoming language barriers, assessed through verbal and written communication evaluations and case studies.

These workshops aimed to achieve clear and measurable learning objectives for each module, ensuring that adult educators gained practical skills and knowledge to enhance migrant employability and integration into their host countries.

How To Use The Platform:


E-learning Course

Digital Skills for Workplace Success:

A Comprehensive E-Learning Course for Migrant Learners

Module 1 - MS Office Essentials


Module 2 - Canva Essentials


Module 3 - Social Media Management

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Module 4 - Data Management & Analysis 


Module 5 - Web Development Fundamentals


Module 6 - CV and Cover Letter Development


Module 7 -  File Management and Cloud Sharing


Module 8 - Communication and Language Barriers

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