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All Things Smart for Your Growth


Experience the future of learning with SmartNest: Your one-stop-spot for interactive E-learning modules, videos, games, podcasts, and other cutting-edge technology to enhance Your education and business.


Join us on our journey to revolutionize Your road to success!



Smart Nest's key competency is in creating Interactive E-learning Course Modules using cutting-edge authoring technologies. Interactive E-learning entails a lot of visual elements, such as photographs, short videos, or various quizzes. Interactive solutions such as Click & Reveal buttons, Hotspot buttons, Interactive Videos, Quizzes, and Knowledge Tests can be included in any materials. ​

E-learning that is interactive Course Modules can be informal education materials that are uploaded on any freely available webpage and are designed to be mobile device responsive. Materials can also be used in formal education since modules support SCORM and, if published on a Learning Management System (LMS), teachers can obtain all of the information needed to do an evaluation. ​ 


Smart-Nest is leveraging its technology capabilities to explore new methods of increasing the efficiency of learning, integrating concepts such as self-directed learning and asynchronous learning into the Higher Education and School sectors. One such example is creating short 3-5 minute videos and then transforming them into interactive videos. ​

You can see in the example here how interactive video technology may be used to describe what a Green Deal is. A targeted extra "layer" of information that explains the significance of moving, standing, or gripping can be inserted after an interactive video has been stopped at any crucial point. Any type of content that You have previously seen in our E-learning courses may be added here, including text, images with or without hotspots, and even videos (so You will have a video included in the video). ​

Juris Riekstins

Juris Riekstins holds a Master of Business Administration degree. He has over 15 years of experience in business plan preparation, financial advising, business development finance acquisition, and project management. Juris has experience in coordinating KA2 proposals, developing educational and training materials in several fields, and creating interactive E-learning materials. Over the last 10 years Juris has successfully managed and coordinated projects with the total funding portfolio for more than 26 million EUR.

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Marija Grinavica

Maria Grinavica has a MBA in Global Marketing and Business Administration. Maria Grinavica specializes in digital marketing, content creation, graphic design, corporate communications, project management and small-business development. She has attended numerous business-related conferences and participated in initiatives aimed at encouraging business. She has strong marketing skills, particularly in digital marketing, which means she can carry out the project distribution aspect.

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